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Healing Touch

FLOW: Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Access Consciousness Bars Therapy Certified Practitioner

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About Me

Hi! I'm Rev. Karen Shemenske (Pawlicki) - a certified Advanced Level IET and Access Consciousness Bars practitioner based in northeast Ohio. I'm excited to get know you and help you release "the issues in your tissues" and hopefully help you find the momentum to move forward in your life. Call, text or e-mail me at the phone number or email address provided below to book an appointment today!

Wisdom comes from many sources.

~ Iro, Avatar: The Last Air Bender

My Treatments

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Dog Lover

One on One or Long Distance IET Session

Integrated Energy Therapy helps to release the "issues in your tissues". IET gently releases the old emotional energies of past traumas, stress, guilt, fear and more, that can be difficult to clear on your own. These energies can remain stored in our bodies and manifest into all manner of dis- ease. During an IET session the nine Healing Angels are channeled  through the practitioner to release and cleanse the client's energetic fields. Touch is not required. This practice can also be done remotely.

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness Bars is an energy therapy that empowers you to expand your ability to perceive and create your own reality. By stepping into this kind of energetic-self expansion you will be able to create for yourself and your world a new set of possibilities and greater choices. This therapy strives to leave you feeling empowered and thriving with what you always knew but had trouble consciously accessing previously. Touch (only on the head and back of the neck) is required for this therapy and it cannot be done remotely.

IET Sessions For Cats and Dogs

Pets are so much more than just our companions. They are the incarnation of souls whose purpose it is to serve human beings, teach them by example and heal them. Animals are naturally receptive and connected to the energy of the heart of God and are here to serve as healers to connect human beings back to Divine love -  they serve as conduits or channels of that energy. Pets are in your world and in your life not only to create this Divine reunion but also to be the vessel to pull pain, suffering, illness and harm out of your life. Keeping your pet clear of blockages is beneficial to them but also to you. If your pets are clear, their empathic nature can continue to help you with your own healing. All pet clearings are done remotely, at the client's home or at a location where the animal is comfortable and calm.

I recently received a remote IET session from Karen & within hours experienced a feeling of lightness within my own energetic fields which was lovely relief as it all settled in fully! Prior to session I had been feeling tired physically & weighed down energetically which was making the days feel extra long, I also needed more naps than normal for me to deal with my daily life which isn’t me generally.
Karen mentioned a specific visual & associated feeling of flying came through during the process over on her side after blockages were cleared. She also mentioned specific charka areas affected, worked on & cleared out - great feedback! The visuals shared were amazing because I had previously had very similar visual & experience of flight as a bird whilst doing some Journey work for clearing old energetic cording / attachments years ago.
Karen explained it was my core essence of love, freedom, joy & lightness ( or something to that nature ) experienced as a soul flying free from all lower energy fields.
Since that session I have had an increase in energy towards my daily exercise & am getting things done with renewed consistency easily. I’m sleeping deeply & dreams also see me traversing with a high level view often re all that is presented. I highly recommend Karen as a warm hearted empath that is a high level soul - Karen Channels highest pure energy incoming from the Angelic world. What a healing gift IET is! I feel it fully compliments any other healing modalities chosen for clearing out, healing & further aligning with our highest good. Blessings to all.🙏❤️🌟

~Lisa O., Wagga Wagga, Australia

Get In Touch

Rev. Karen Shemenske (Pawlicki), Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner


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