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Reiki vs. Integrated Energy Therapy (IET): What's the difference?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) are similar energy healing modalities that use the healing power of the divine to channel through the practitioner and effect energetic change and healing in the client. They are each a companion therapy to traditional medicine and not meant to be a substitute for practical medical advice. However, they can each provide relaxation, clarity and emotional healing to your growth and healing journey.

The primary differences between Reiki and IET are found in symbology and attunements. There are many forms and schools of Reiki and several methods use symbols or runes to call in the divine power of angels and ascended masters. IET only uses one symbol accessed by the practitioner to establish a heartlink between themselves and the nine healing angels that govern the practice. After the heartlink is established, the practitioner serves as a channel through which the healing energies flow.

One other difference between Reiki and IET is attunement. In both practices attunement, or channeled access to the divine healing angels, happens through a ceremony. The Master Teacher acts as a channel to attune each student with the divine gift of connection to the angels or ascended masters governing the practice. In effect, this is an invitation to each of the healing angels to support their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey and that of their clients. IET attunes only to the Nine Healing Angels while various forms of Reiki attune not only to angels but to the ascended masters and beyond.

Both modalities are highly effective and produce similar results. When choosing an IET or Reiki practitioner, the best policy is to feel comfortable with whom you're working. Certification is a requirement to practicing any of these modalities so make sure your chosen practitioner has gone through the proper training to assist you. Go towards the practice and practitioner you are drawn to, ask questions about anything you don't understand and stay open to the messages that come through during your therapy session.

Wishing you much success on your energetic healing journey!

Rev. Karen Shemenske (Pawlicki) FLOW Holistic Healing Certified Integrated Energy Therapy and Access Bars Practitioner FB: FLOW Holistic Healing E-mail:


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