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Restoring Your Authenticity

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Something I've learned, at some expense, is to learn how to pull my energies inward - back to me, back to their source - where they belong. It's so easy to extend ourselves to others, to projects, to work and more. We do this through our thoughts, actions and even from a mistrust or superiority. It depletes our energy and can lead to issues with anxiety depression and fatigue. We hear so often about taking time for ourselves but after awhile, that can just sound like an overused platitude. What we really need is a way to recognize when we're giving too much of our energy away. In the midst of my own journey, I discovered a method that not only goes a long way in filling your own cup but helps open up your own sense of authenticity - so it becomes easier to set boundaries and stick with them. I'd love to share it with you...

Of course, there's many levels of caring and individuals who need a bit more intensive care than others - children, the sick and handicapped - but those are still positions we can lose ourselves in. Working from an empty cup damages everyone eventually. Take what resonates here and leave the rest for your own personal situation. I picture my personal energy field in my mind as an aura of light around my body. Every time I overthink a problem, get too concerned about someone else or even get bent out of shape over an opinion, my energy is pulled from the warm glow and balance of my aura and reaches out like a tendril to get entangled elsewhere. Perhaps it's bunched up in some system (government, healthcare, social media, etc.), or it's wrapped around another person (impeding their energy flow and my own). What matters is that I've allowed and facilitated the feeling that I'm stretched thin. That's when I close my eyes and call it all back in. I can picture these energy tendrils loosening their interest and grip outside of me and feel it flowing back into my fields, into my body. Quite often it gathers in my solar plexus and then drops gently into my root chakra. And that is when I realize how more at peace I am when I concern myself with myself and allow others to work out their own energies on their own. They don't need my interference, my worry or my will getting in their way. And it usually only takes 5 or 10 minutes to feel restored again.

In fact, when these energies pull back to me and disentangle with someone else (who's likely been on my mind a little too much), I feel like I've bumped into someone or stood in their path and I should make a brief apology or say, " Pardon me". And you know what? I do them a bigger justice by allowing them the sovereignty and empowerment to grow and learn on their own - without me or my energies butting in. That's the moment when you demonstrate trust in their abilities to figure things out for themselves. I know I feel better when my loved ones give me that kind of respect and boundary. At the core, that's what love is really all about.

Rev. Karen Shemenske (Pawlicki) FLOW Holistic Healing Certified Integrated Energy Therapy and Access Bars Practitioner FB: FLOW Holistic Healing E-mail: 440-822-7755

**This method of self energy healing is not meant as a replacement for traditional medicine and psychiatric help. Always consult with a medical professional if in doubt.

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