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I recently received a remote IET session from Karen & within hours experienced a feeling of lightness within my own energetic fields which was lovely relief as it all settled in fully! Prior to session I had been feeling tired physically & weighed down energetically which was making the days feel extra long, I also needed more naps than normal for me to deal with my daily life which isn’t me generally.

Karen mentioned a specific visual & associated feeling of flying came through during the process over on her side after blockages were cleared. She also mentioned specific charka areas affected, worked on & cleared out - great feedback! The visuals shared were amazing because I had previously had very similar visual & experience of flight as a bird whilst doing some Journey work for clearing old energetic cording / attachments years ago. Karen explained it was my core essence of love, freedom, joy & lightness ( or something to that nature ) experienced as a soul flying free from all lower energy fields.

Since that session I have had an increase in energy towards my daily exercise & am getting things done with renewed consistency easily. I’m sleeping deeply & dreams also see me traversing with a high level view often re all that is presented. I highly recommend Karen as a warm hearted empath that is a high level soul - Karen Channels highest pure energy incoming from the Angelic world. What a healing gift IET is! I feel it fully compliments any other healing modalities chosen for clearing out, healing & further aligning with our highest good. Blessings to all.🙏❤️🌟

~Lisa O., Wagga Wagga, Australia

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